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I have just received the Long Point Toad Stone that I ordered from Long Point Art Studio. The carving is such a beautiful work of art and the information pamphlet about the carving is so informative. I purchased this carving as a gift and now that I have held the tiny toad in my hand I have second thoughts about giving it away. It is almost as if once you hold it the carving belongs to you. I will definitely be ordering more carvings. The workmanship is outstanding.

Christiane Meyer, Caledonia


If you really know me, you know that “shop local” isn’t just something I say - I live it. And I appreciate everyone else that gives it more than lip service as well.  So when our town does something wonderful like Shop the Shore, I get excited to have the chance to support vendors and artisans that don’t always have a store front available to them. (And I truly feel sorry for my retail friends that don’t have the opportunity to be on the other side of the counter for these events!)
Well this weekend was one of the most satisfying yet! I’m of course tied down with the store for a lot of it - but not all of it! - so I try to choose new stops each time as well as favourites for the short time available to me. And it was one of the spur of the moment new stops that has given me this weekends greatest treasure. I have been following the work of Cindy Presant since I met her, and took the time to visit her at her studio today. She took the time to explain her work to me  and really showed me the personal side of her artistry. And this is the piece I fell in love with (Tundra Swan) ! Cindy is all about nature and Norfolk and especially Long Point. It’s gorgeous!! So thanks Cindy, I really enjoyed my visit with you!

Karen Doerksen Hammond