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The Carving Life, by Artist Cindy Presant, stone carving blog

  • Reflections on a Stone Carving Festival

    Participating in the 2019 Canadian Stone Carving Festival in Ottawa this past summer - my preparation, tools, and what it was like to carve alongside 39 other carvers, carving a 12"x12"x8" piece of limestone in 18 hours.
  • Salamander in Stone

    The artistic process to carve a Mole Salamander in Brazilian soapstone by Carver Cindy Presant, and some thoughts on sculpture.
  • Summer Solstice and Sunshine

    I’ve been carving limestone for the first time this spring, along with my soapstone. 

    Limestone is much different than soapstone to work with (drier, grittier), but better for fine detail and lettering. 
    I carved an address marker for myself from a piece of Indiana Limestone. It features a snake, turtle, and salamander.

  • Fireside Chat about Carving Tools

    Good woodworking tools will be sufficient for many carvings.  Basic hand chisels, hand saws, coarse rasps, and rifflers give the ability to carve the softer soapstones, like most Brazilian soapstone.