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Walking to Clear the Mind and Gather Pebbles

As I walked along the beach today, I thought about how the waves and sand smooth the rocks to pebbles.  In much the same way, I take rough soapstone carvings and use water and sandpaper to smooth them.  The drying oil I use brings out their colour, just like wet beach pebbles glow with colours until they dry. The best pebbles continue to be beautiful.

Picking up beach pebbles is one of my habits when I walk at Long Point.  I usually only find one or two on each walk - the beach is pure sand and pebbles are scarce.  Over time, though, I have found a good variety, including tiny fossils, quartz, gneiss, sandstone, and others.  The sand reflects the geology of the area - red and black colours indicating the magnetite and other minerals in rocks ground to powder by thousands of years of relentless waves.




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  • Your artistry shines through your words and images. I look forward to reading and seeing more!


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