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The Carving Life, by Artist Cindy Presant, stone carving blog

  • Summer Solstice and Sunshine

    I’ve been carving limestone for the first time this spring, along with my soapstone. 

    Limestone is much different than soapstone to work with (drier, grittier), but better for fine detail and lettering. 
    I carved an address marker for myself from a piece of Indiana Limestone. It features a snake, turtle, and salamander.

  • Welcome, Spring.

    Welcoming spring, preparing for carving outside, sketching new ideas, works-in-progress.
  • Fireside Chat about Carving Tools

    Good woodworking tools will be sufficient for many carvings.  Basic hand chisels, hand saws, coarse rasps, and rifflers give the ability to carve the softer soapstones, like most Brazilian soapstone. 
  • Resolve to be creative in 2019

    Five creative resolutions for 2019 to be more creative in the New Year: consider writing your own.
  • Carving During Holidays: Arguments with Stone

    I’m working on three pieces right now - one that is giving me a lot of grief, because the stone doesn’t want to be the animal I want it to be;
  • Walking to Clear the Mind and Gather Pebbles

    Picking up beach pebbles is one of my habits...